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Getting results in litigation doesn’t require an enormous, impersonal law firm. With clients, we’re responsive and easygoing; when representing their interests, we are sharks.

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Protecting Our Clients’ Interests In Los Angeles And Surrounding Areas
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Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

If you work in the television, film, or music industry, write books, or work as another type of creative professional, we can help with contracts, licensing, trademarks, or unfair business practice issues.

Public Interest Law

Public Interest Law

Grime Law LLP is adept at handling cases that promote public interest, whether you’re a non-profit, small business, or an individual. Our attorneys promote the arts and the public interest by filing impact litigation on behalf of non-profits and consumers, and represent homeowners that have suffered due to negligent construction.

Construction Defect/Homeowners Associations

Are you coping with the damage that negligent construction techniques caused? Are you interested in strengthening your homeowner or condominium association with sound bylaws and community standards? Grime Law LLP is adept at handling construction defect claims and community association cases, whether you’re a non-profit, small business, or an individual.

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The world of entertainment in the 21st century is changing faster than most people can keep up. Strategies for success that worked for decades don’t cut it anymore. Many people in the entertainment or creative industries centered in Los Angeles are trying to adjust to this seismic shift, but often aren’t clear on the best way to negotiate or, when necessary, assert their legal rights simply to make a living.

Dylan Grimes, our founding attorney, started Grime Law LLP to make it easier for entertainment and creative professionals to build a career that values their contributions appropriately. He has worked as a musician, a musical venue manager, owner of a music management company, a poet, and the author of a book on starting an independent record label. (Yup, that’s right – he started out as a lead singer in a band and ended up as an attorney.) For Dylan, protecting our clients isn’t an intellectual exercise for him. It’s his passion.

We Know The Entertainment Industry From The Inside

We are not like many entertainment attorneys you may have encountered in Los Angeles. For one thing, Dylan has more than a decade of litigation experience, gained working for a large law firm. Our attorneys know how to take a case to court and win. Our advocacy on your behalf is centered on achieving YOUR goals – not padding our billable hours.

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We Promote The Arts And Public Interests

You may ask, what do entertainment law, construction defect litigation, and promoting the public interest all have in common? The common thread is Grime Law LLP‘s commitment to helping those who have suffered a wrong to promote the greater good.

Whether you are a non-profit seeking outside counsel regarding corporate or government impacts to the environment, animal welfare, or food safety and security, or an individual consumer or homeowner that is coping with unfair business practices, fraud, or damage from negligent construction, Grime Law LLP has you covered. It may seem like a stretch, but we can help you.

We all know that homeownership in California is a major financial commitment. If you had a house built less than 10 years ago that has significant defects, Grime Law LLP can help you recover compensation. We have the litigation experience necessary to hold the developer who built your house accountable for the quality of the workmanship or materials.

If you have been deceived by advertising or have suffered damages because of unfair business practices, we can help here, too. Attorney Paige Tomaselli has dedicated her career to protecting the environment, promoting small farmers and local businesses, and serving the public interest. She is well versed in the law, and she is a practiced litigator whose passion for doing the right thing is only rivalled by her 17 years of legal experience.

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