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Whole Foods Antibiotic-Free Investigation


Grime Law LLP attorneys are investigating reports of antibiotics found in meat sold at Whole Foods Market.

Have you paid premium prices for meat promised to be antibiotic-free at Whole Foods? Speak with our public interest lawyers!

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More on the Investigation

A recent beef cattle study found evidence of antibiotics in some beef cattle that promised to be antibiotic-free.

The Washington Post reported on the study and Science magazine published the findings. The study found that 10% of cattle came from lots where at least one cow tested positive for antibiotics and an additional 5% came from lots with multiple positive antibiotic tests.

The study also found that 26 percent of cattle certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program—a program that certifies that no antibiotics were ever used in GAP-certified meat—came from a lot with at least one positive test for antibiotics. GAP is an animal welfare rating program that is used by Whole Foods.

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