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Powerful Advocates In Public Interest Law

Corporations, government agencies and other powerful entities do not have the right to inflict damages on others, particularly if the matter also affects the public interest. If you suffered injustice because of another party’s wrongdoing, you have the right to seek counsel from a compassionate yet strong legal team.

Although public interest law is a vast legal area, the law firm you work with does not have to be large or impersonal. At Grime Law LLP, you can expect to receive hands-on service from our team of caring, dedicated attorneys. From our Los Angeles office, we serve clients whose public interest cases span the entire country.

What Is Public Interest Law?

Broadly speaking, public interest law concerns the rights and well-being of the American public. We represent plaintiffs who are seeking justice and compensation for their damages. Some of our clients have included nonprofit organizations, Native American tribes, farmers, landowners, small businesses, individuals, and many more.

The public interest concerns that we handle most frequently include:

  • Consumer rights
  • Tribal rights
  • Civil rights
  • Animal rights
  • Environmental rights
  • Food, food safety, and agriculture

Our clients sometimes feel surprised by how we act with them versus how we act in the courtroom. When working with you, you will always receive compassion, sensitivity and respect. When we are on a case, though, we prepare for a fight.

Meet Our Not-So-Secret Weapon

Our public interest attorney, Paige Tomaselli, has more than 17 years of experience in civil litigation and public interest advocacy. She has practiced in federal courts across the country, and even assisted with a case that appeared before the United States Supreme Court. She has devoted her career to serving the public, handling everything from environmental safety to Native American rights. Paige uses her legal skills to help marginalized clients feel empowered to take on powerful entities that have committed harm, including Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

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